I got back from Tanzania a week ago, and already it seems sort of surreal. It’s like Africa and North America are in completely different universes, and the problem is deciding which one to spend the rest of my life in. “How was your trip?” is the question I get asked like 8 times a day. And how do I answer? Well, it depends on whether the person wants the 30 second answer, the 5 minute answer, or the whole answer. It was a great trip, of course. Not to say that everything about it was great, but as a whole, I loved it. I love Africa, it’s definately in my blood. I want to go back as soon as I can, hopefully for longer. Career missions is something that we feel that God is leading us to, and something that was confirmed alot on this trip.

I think everyone should go to Africa, or at least to a third-world country somewhere. It’s not something that can easily be put into words, but it is definately life-changing. Through all of my short-term missions experience (Quebec, New Jersey, Bolivia, Uganda, Tanzania), I have grown spiritually in huge ways. I gained a deep appreciation for the incredible joy that comes from having less stuff and more reliance on the Lord. I saw children who have nothing, but yet are so happy just because I waved to them. I have seen true need, and compared that to my own life where I don’t really have any true needs that aren’t being met. A need and a want are distinguished differently in my mind now. Social justice and the Bible’s calls to action by the Christian are blazing reminders of my need to step up and do more. The people I have met on these trips (especially the overseas ones) have really taught me about the value of a hard day’s work, and how to work and serve with an attitude of joy and gladness. I have been blessed so much by the people I met, and I just pray that they were able to see Christ in me as well.