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Musings in a dream-like state
are not really musings at all
but rather dreams.
Have dreams,
yet do not ignore the
rational mind that He gave you!
Clear and humble reflections
on metaphysical realities
He desires from me.
In truth,
If I be sick and inflicted
let it be all the more
so that I can ever more
reflect His glory,
for when I lose strength,
He is ever more exalted.
He desires great things for us
but His ways are higher
His thoughts higher.
Worldly greatness
is not the goal.
Let me be humble
with a contrite and grateful heart.
May the lure of riches and power
be never strong enough
to lure me from You.


To my dear friend, Shar. I love you so much! You are one of the most encouraging people I know, and you have such a kind and generous heart. Thank-you for honoring me with your friendship! Medium tea double double with cream for you and milk for me… ANYTIME!

Obituary of Common Sense !

Today, we mourn the passing of an old friend by the name of Common Sense.

Common Sense lived a long life, but died from heart failure at the brink of the Millennium. No one really knows how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He selflessly devoted his life to service in schools; hospitals, homes, factories and offices, helping folks get jobs done without fanfare and foolishness.

For decades, petty rules, silly laws and frivolous lawsuits held no power over Common Sense. He was credited with cultivating such valued lessons as to know when to come in from rain, the early bird gets the worm and life isn’t always fair.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you earn), reliable parenting strategies (the adults are in charge, not the kids), and it’s okay to come in second.

A veteran of the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression, and the Technological Revolution, Common Sense survived cultural and educational trends including feminism, body piercing, whole language and new math.

But his health declined when he became infected with the “if-it-only-helps-one-person-it’s-worth-it” virus. In recent decades, his waning strength proved no match for the ravages of overbearing federal legislation.

He watched in pain as good people became ruled by self-seeking lawyers and enlightened auditors. His health rapidly deteriorated when schools endlessly implemented zero tolerance policies; when reports were heard of six year old boys charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; when a teen was suspended for taking a swig of mouthwash after lunch; when a teacher was fired for reprimanding an unruly student. It declined even further when schools had to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student but couldn’t inform the parent when a female student is pregnant or wants an abortion.

Finally, Common Sense lost his will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband, churches became businesses, criminals received better treatment than victims, and federal judges stuck their noses in everything from Boy Scouts to professional sports.

As the end neared, Common Sense drifted in and out of logic but was kept informed of developments, regarding questionable regulations for asbestos, low-flow toilets, smart guns, the nurturing of Prohibition Laws and mandatory air bags.

Finally, when told that the homeowners association restricted exterior furniture only to that which enhanced property values, he breathed his last.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son Reason. His three stepbrothers survive him: Rights, Tolerance and Whiner.

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

Currently Reading:

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger
By Ronald J. Sider

This is an amazing book. Something that EVERY Christian should read. It’s very informative and convicting, and I like the way he presents the facts without trying to guilt you, and doesn’t pretend to be perfect.

ok, I know, anyone who’s older than me wants to kill me for saying that, but it’s true!

Today is my 23rd birthday. Very weird… why? I don’t know.

So in honor of my wonderful 23rd birthday (on which I worked 2 jobs for a total of 10.5 hours, until 8:45pm)… I’m listing 23 stupendously fascinating facts about ME. Here we go…

1. I LOVE dill pickles. And I do mean LOVE. I get a jar every year for Christmas from Santa.

2. I have a weird obsession with lying on my left side when I get into bed, and then moving onto my right side just before I fall asleep. Otherwise I can’t sleep.

3. I actually like doing laundry. I find it very satisfying.

4. I am also obsessed with turquoise, but I liked it BEFORE it was the fad of the year a la 2005-2006. yeah- I’m so original right? (ha.)

5. I have 3 cats who I adore: Sophie, Apollo, and Aphrodite.

6. I once accidentally died my hair black (it was horrible!)

7. My ideal place to live would be Africa.

8. I crinkle my nose really well.

9. I have a strange fear of revolving glass doors. I avoid them if at all possible.

10. I’m not opposed to drinking (as long as you don’t get drunk), but I kind of hate the taste of alcohol.

11. I have alot of freckles.

12. One of my favorite things to do is have tea and good conversations.

13. I have alot of strong opinions, which you probably already know, if you’re reading this.

14. “fluffy” Christian music REALLY annoys me.

15. I look extremely dorky in hats.

16. I have this thing where when I’m eating a meal, I have to finish with equal portions of everything, so at the end there’s only one bite of each part (like meat, potato, and veggie), and then I finish each bite in order from my least favorite to my most favorite.

17. Whenever I see a white 7 passenger van with tinted windows I automatically assume it’s a “bad guy” up to no good. Usually a kidnapper (thank-you 24).

18. I wonder what God thinks about things like TV, and the things we choose to entertain ourselves with.

19. My birthday is at a sucky time of year. In the summer= no cupcakes at school, and at the beginning of the summer= no one knows at my summer job, and now I’m just too old for anyone to care.

20. I LOVE vegetables, and would 10x rather have a veggie tray with dip than a chocolate cake, any day. I KNOW- I’m weird.

21. I really don’t like the color orange. I don’t know why.

22. In grade 2 I had a teacher who was obsessed with Elvis, and on Elvis’s birthday, we had a party, she wore her Elvis towel around her neck like a cape, and we had cake.

23. It was really hard to think of that many things about myself.

I think it’s finally over. even in university you still get to act like a child, you are not really directly responsible to anyone but yourself usually. now I have to end my childhood, my free summers and spring break, my taking days off when I feel like it, my writing papers when I feel like it…

I start my first full-time job in 9 days… I got the job here at Tyndale. Good-bye childhood. (hello paycheque:)

I'm Red, he's Honey. I'm the writer of this blog and the source of your entertainment and/or boredom. We're parents of an exceptionally adorable child, and we have no idea what we're doing! This blog is the outlet for my thoughts along the way - welcome! Pull up a couch, grab a cup of tea, and stay a while! Or back away slowly. Whatever works.

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