who invented the internet? where is the internet located? can it ever be destroyed?

it’s such a funny thing, all these internet phenomenons. I remember the day we got our first computer, a funny little thing that only did word processing with the black and green screen. I remember typing a letter to my great-grammy, and it was so much more work than just writing it out, and besides it was very plain looking at the end. I remember the days before facebook, email, internet, itunes, msn, google, myspace, and blogging. I had never even heard of those things growing up. my how times change. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.

what about writing letters by hand on paper, and putting stickers on them to decorate them, and then licking (not peeling) a stamp to put on the upper right hand corner, addressing the envelope, and actually putting it in a mailbox. I miss that. I’m going to do it more.

I like to think that all this technology is such a great addition to our society, but I am afraid that it is more harmful than anything. In Africa, the same techological conveniences are not as common. They however seem to have deeper relationships and a much greater sense of community. There, taking the time to do the daily tasks is an opportunity to sit and get to know people, because tasks are usually done together. Building relationships over a tub of water waching clothes, or cooking over a fire. What a concept.

There is an African saying: “They have the watches (referring to the western world), but we have the time”.

I think I want to add to that and say that we (the western world) have the conveniences of techology, but they have the less stressful way of life.

(Reason # 4,285 for why I want to live in and raise my future children in, AFRICA.)