We are currently at about 70% of support for our trip. The fundraiser dinner was amazing! People were so generous. We are more and more confirmed in our calling on a daily, even moment by moment, basis.

Heard a good thought on the weekend – In the Psalms, David was a man who often struggled with depression & doubts. In his writings, he often says “I WILL praise the Lord”. This is an indication to us that we should always praise the Lord, even when we don’t feel like it, if only by sheer act of the will. As Pastor Hilsden reminded us, sometimes you need to take yourself aside and have a little talk with yourself, telling yourself that you will praise the Lord, no matter how you feel.

This is also why emotionally-driven Christianity is so dangerous. It must be a balance of the heart AND the mind, not just one or the other. I think that many, if not most, denominational differences could be cleared up if we remembered this.