Today was the third day of my new job at AIM, and the first day of driving myself to and from the new job.

Considering the stress and road rage that I’ve experienced from other drivers in TO, I think it’s pretty good that I only got honked at once when not going instantaneously when the light turned green. He must have had a bad day at work…

So, I have joined the ranks of grown-ups everywhere, doing the daily grind of commuting to a job in Toronto from the suburbs. It’s not a bad life. In fact, I rather enjoy it. I willingly left my higher-paying job 2 kms from home for this one. I still can’t believe how lucky I am (or “blessed” to use the Christian lingo) to be working at AIM. I absolutely love it. I know that it will have its tedious moments, but overall I am simply thrilled that I get to think, work, and talk about missions in Africa all day long.

After leaving work, I stopped at Tyndale to pick up my husband. We headed home, sat down to reheated leftovers for supper, and watched the local news.

The epitomy of grown-up-ness.

Despite reaching this time of grown-up-ness in my life, I am determined to never quit having fun, being spontaneous, or enjoying this life that God gave me. I love my life.