So sometimes I get a little anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I need to do a little introspection, and pay more attention to my “feelings” – those strange and illogical things.  Oh- wait- I’ve learned that they aren’t actually illogical… but I do maintain that they are a bit scary.

Why oh why?  I’ve been told that if you think you’re crazy, you’re probably not.  Whew!  Good thing for me.  Anyway- there’s no reason that I know of to feel anxious.  Yet I feel it.  I usually try to ignore it, and it goes away, but eventually it comes back.  I think the enemy gets in my head sometimes, and I need to be more vigilant in paying attention to my emotions… I think that’s where he gets me.  Sometimes I really feel the weight of the world on my shoulders (or is that the ache from the bumpiest ride of my life yesterday for 4 hours in rural Kenya?  I can’t say for sure 🙂

Well, now that I’ve intensified that angst by being vulnerable to God-knows-who reading this…

Brilliant, really. 

PS- I really like myself. Really. Now aren’t I just full of paradoxical feelings and confusion? Lovely.