When I’m a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom)…

1. Menu Plan for weekday suppers.

2. Learn to sew and knit and do both regularly.

3. Have a cleaning schedule, and not deviate too often.

4. Have potted herbs in my kitchen, and use them in my cooking.

5. Organize and purge more stuff from our lives. I’m all about getting rid of stuff lately. Don’t worry though, I put Chris in the “keep” pile.

6. Be a joy to my baby/kid(s).

7. Have every room in the house organized. No deadline for this… it’s just an eventual goal.

8. Go for lots walks with baby/kid(s). Enjoy them.

9. Use cloth diapers and make my own baby food.

9b. (Not 10 ‘cuz lists of 10 are so overdone) Read books regularly that challenge and stimulate my thinking (Have a reading list for the year).