We are beginning to get into a sleep routine with Isaac, and I LOVE it.

As of a week ago he was not sleeping well at all. It took forever to get him to sleep, often with crying and fussing. He would only go to sleep in our arms, bouncing, rocking, or in the sling. Then we’d have to wait until he was in a deep sleep, and ever-so-carefully put him down in his crib, hoping he wouldn’t wake up, starting the whole process all over again. Then he’d wake up in the night every 2-3 hours, sometimes even every hour. Then Chris or I would spend up to an hour getting him back to sleep before putting him down again.

It was draining, to say the least. We were getting so frustrated, and knew something had to change. Isaac wasn’t getting the rest he needed, and was grouchy during the days, as were we.

A week ago we decided to try to let him “cry it out”. By the fourth night I would feed him and put him in his crib, and he’d fall asleep on his own without crying. It was amazing! Then a few days later we started a nap routine (sleep sack and read a story), and each day is getting better. Today he had three good naps, and cried only 10 minutes before two of them, and fell right asleep for the other one. He’s doing so great!

We also started a bedtime routine about a month ago, which has helped tremendously. We start with a bath, then pj’s and a little lotion leg massage, then the sleep sack, then a story with both Mommy and Daddy, and then I nurse him, and put him down. He usually falls asleep right away.

I never thought I’d do the “cry it out” thing… but I realized that Isaac needed to learn the skill of falling asleep on his own, so that he could fall back asleep easily when waking in the natural sleep cycle at night. I’ve been reading a book on sleep, and have gotten some good advice from friends of ours that followed the same book with their kids.

Now, there’s hope for more sleep (even though he’s only doing 3-4 hour stretches at night, he goes down right after each feeding, and we’re only up like 10 minutes each time).

Hurray for sleep!