Well I’ve only been at it for 4 and a half months thus far (plus my pregnancy, which should count too IMHO), but I have dived in nose-first to the pressures that inevitably accompany parenthood. It’s a really freakin’ hard job! I was so naive before giving birth. I was nervous, but I should probably have been downright terrified! As we like to say around our house when we’re rocking him back to sleep for the umpteenth time, changing an explosive poo diaper, or playing another game of “mommy pick up the toys I just threw on the floor… again”… it’s a darn good thing he’s cute.

Cute is one thing he’s got nailed. I mean, he’s put-your-nose-to-his-sweet-head-and-breathe-in-the-baby-goodness kinda sweet. When I sit in the dark feeding him at bedtime, the love that I have for this little person is sometimes so overwhelming that tears come to my eyes, and I just praise God for his goodness to us.

Emotions are fickle things, however, and I’ve been amazed to see just how quickly I can go from tearing up at my precious babe to taking deep breaths and praying for patience when he’s screaming at naptime and refusing to sleep (thus taking away my much anticipated 30 or so minutes of “me time” for the day).

So, to help myself keep it all in perspective, I’m going to list 5 things I’m proud of in this crazy parenting roller-coaster of a journey. Hopefully these things will come to mind the next time he’s screaming/fussing/whatever…

1. I’m proud that we’ve established a bedtime routine, and that it works so well. We have bathtime, jammies, lotion, a story with Mommy and Daddy, and a feeding. I love that it’s a family time.

2. I’m proud that we use cloth diapers pretty much exclusively. I was pretty intimidated by them at first, but I was also determined, and now it’s saving us lots of money! Yay!

3. I’m proud that we haven’t become completely consumed by baby. That probably sounds weird, but I’m glad we’ve kept our friends, and that we’re not “those people” who drive their friends away because all they ever talk about is the baby.

4. I’m proud that I’m still breast-feeding. It was difficult at first, but it has become really special bonding time between mama and baby, and there are so many health benefits for both of us!

5. I’m proud that we’ve kept our marriage relationship steady, and haven’t allowed the pressures of a new baby to drive a wedge between us. Instead, it has brought us closer together. I’m proud of my husband for being such an amazing daddy!