Well, I live in Toronto, went to Florida for vacation, got home yesterday, and am leaving in 2 days for Calgary and Edmonton for 10 days. Am I crazy? That, my friends, is a question I ask myself on a somewhat regular basis.

Florida weather was quite lovely. And by that I mean, ohmigoodnessgraciouscanwepleeeeaaaasemovethereNOW? Although “cold” for the first few days (15 C), it warmed up to the mid-twenties, and was sunny every day. Sunshine is just so good for the soul. Seriously. Really, really good.

So, on another note, I am having a tough time making a decision about Lent this year. I have never really done the full-fledged “give something up” thing for Lent (I didn’t grow up with that tradition), however I really like the idea, and would like to incorporate that into my Easter celebration. This year, I have a few ideas of something to give up, but haven’t decided between them:

– TV
– Facebook
– Processed sugar
– Red meat
– Spending $ (other than groceries)

Each one has its pros and cons… now I just have to decide. I think the bugaboo is about to wake up to eat, so I should probably not write a novel here. Suffice it to say, I’m leaning towards the lower part of the list.