Oh how I’ve missed thee.

My perfectly lovely little boy slept a lot last night (insert happy dance here). We put him down at around 7pm, and when he woke up it was 6:30am.

6:30am! Friends, let me tell you…

I’ve NEVER in my entire God-given life in the history of the world as it is pertaining to me been so UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY to see “6:30am” on my alarm clock as I was this morning. The realization that I had not moved since laying my little head down at 11:30pm the night before swept over me like a wave of bliss.

I’m telling you people – 6:30am on March 7, 2009 will go down in (my life) history as being a wonderful time indeed. I may even be *slightly* more human in the AM hours from now on, just to commemorate this glorious event. Maybe.

(Disclaimer: all crazy ideas and wacky somewhat-resolutions in this post are likely the result of crazy giddiness resulting from sleeping 7 hours straight for the first time in six months. I make no promises, dear husband…)