I know, this post is a little late, since it’s March and all, but I just love this photo, and thought I’d share.


This is us on Valentine’s Day in Banff. Yeah, it was stunningly gorgeous. No we didn’t go there for Valentine’s Day. We were actually in Calgary visiting friends, and we all thought it would be fun to go to Banff (Honey’s & my first time ever seeing mountains – God is an incredible creator!), and go out for dinner after. We didn’t remember that it was Valentine’s Day until we tried to walk into a steakhouse without a reservation. Tip of the day: Don’t do that.

3 restaurants later, we finally found one with “only” a 45 minute wait. One was a 2.5 hour wait and I actually laughed in the poor hostess’ face.

Nonetheless, it was an adventure, and I am now in love with mountains.

My honey, my baby boy, and mountains.