I found this little tip yesterday. I don’t really want to say where I found it. It’s embarassing. But it’s a good tip, so I’m sharing. And if you know where I got it from, then we can be embarassed together.

I’ve never really been in love with oatmeal. Unfortunately. I mean, I wish I loved it. It’s so healthy and stuff. But it kinda tastes like mushy grossness to me. Sometimes I eat it and tell myself that I like it, darn it, so enjoy it! But then I can’t stomach the last few bites, and I force myself back to reality.

Anyway, here’s the fabulous, incredible, not-so-icky oatmeal:

img_1047The secret is: apple juice!

This works for quick oats: just replace the water with apple juice when you cook it on the stovetop, and voila – oatmeal that isn’t terribly icky!

I even ate the whole bowlful.


It actually tasted pretty good! You’re supposed to top it with stuff like yogurt and fresh fruit, a bit of cinnamon… hmmm… I think I’m gonna try that next time. Yeah that’s right, I said NEXT TIME! Woohoo!

You should try it too! Leave a comment and let me know how you like it!