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Disclaimer: this post is about boobs and milk and stuff. You’ve been forewarned.

My how things change. The first 5-6 months of breastfeeding have been quite the experience. I had major oversupply in the beginning, which was really difficult, and presented all kinds of problems. We finally worked it through, and things were going fine.

Recently I’ve started Isaac on some solids (cereals, vegetables, and now some fruits). Generally, I feed him around every 4 hours during the day. First I nurse, then offer solids. The problem is that he’s not nursing for very long (usually only a minute or two on each side). After only a minute, he will start to fuss and pull away, but go back and latch on, only to pull off and fuss again, and repeat this until I switch him to the other side. Then it starts all over again. It’s been so frustrating.

I’ve been suspecting for a little while now that my milk supply is low. I think it’s because he’s eating alot less often now that he’s older, and apparently my body is having trouble regulating the proper amount of milk to make. Low milk supply would explain why he’s been having trouble with bowel movements lately as well. He’s just not getting enough liquids.

At his 6-month check-up today, the doctor suggested that we supplement with formula…

That was so discouraging to hear. I know it’s sorta irrational, but it made me feel like a bit of a failure as a mother. I know, I know… (and no offense to those who don’t breastfeed, I just never saw myself as a formula-feeding mom).

So now I don’t know what to do. I want to increase my milk supply. I think I will try pumping in between feedings to stimulate more milk production, and perhaps trying an herbal supplement.

I’m just a little discouraged.

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