Today it snowed. Grrrr.


OK, actually, this photo is from January 2007… but it did snow today. In April. Only a couple centimeters, but STILL! I live in Toronto for pete’s sake! I know it’s Canada, but it was 14 degrees on the weekend! (That’s 57 for those who speak Fehrenheit).

So, in my own personal protest (or wishful thinking), I give you the following photo:


This is Isaac’s first time in a swimming pool (when we went to Florida this past February). He loved it. For about 2.4 minutes, at which point he wanted to get out. It was pretty darn cute anyway.

Looking forward to a sunny summer,



Which is your fave season?Are you one of those weirdos that actually loves winter in all its cold and slushy glory? Or are you as excited as I am for the warm weather that’s coming our way (eventually)?