I absolutely love springtime. I like the latter half of spring better however, when it’s nice and warm. But the anticipation and excitement that comes once you know spring is on its way is almost equally as delicious.


I love the miracle of new life popping up through the ground. It’s really quite amazing. The dead of winter melts away, and the birth of new life pushes up through the ground. Thanks to my Sunday School upbringing, I can’t think of spring without being reminded of the death and resurrection of my beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I can’t count the number of Easter and springtime crafts I made as a grade-schooler with sparkles and glue and paint, with the words “Jesus is alive!”. That seed was well-sown in my little mind, that’s for sure!


When I was growing up my Mom would always have a garden filled with flowers and lots of yummy vegetables. I remember seeing the first flowers of spring coming up and wondering where they came from.

Now that I’m old and married, with my own little garden in my backyard, I found myself with the realization that I would have to do my own garden tending… planting my own bulbs, seeds, etc. So I did. Then I waited. And waited…

Winter came. ‘Twas cold. And miserable. And sometimes pretty and sparkly. But mostly just cold. And miserable. And did I mention miserable?

Finally… spring. Mmm, oh springtime, how I love thee!

And lo and behold, look what soon came to adorn the backyard garden in all their richness and colorful glory!


I’m not always a lover of old poetry. But oh how I love these words by Emily Dickinson…

A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown —
Who ponders this tremendous scene —
This whole Experiment of Green —
As if it were his own!

And to that I give a hearty chuckle, and say indeed! To God be the glory! For both springtime blossoms and the resurrection of Christ, I give thee praise! Thanks is due the One who made me, the One who saved me, and the One who makes the flowers grow. Thank-you Lord! To you alone is all the glory!

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