There’s really no good way to start one of these things – it’s all pretty much been done before. I’ve written the opening sentence to this page like eight times and deleted it because it just wasn’t right.

Gah! I really am a perfectionist.

That’s my biggest flaw – being so afraid of something not turning out perfect that I don’t do it at all. When things are important enough to me though, I am determined to get ‘er done, and done good.

So I’m plugging away at this blog thing, hoping it works. I love writing, and being visually creative, so hopefully this blog will be the perfect marriage of those two.

Now for the stuff you probably wanted to read from the beginning…

I am a wife and a mama to one (one each in the husband and baby departments). I love my little family, and hope that it grows into a large family in the future. I’m also a sinner saved by grace, and am positively amazed at the depth of His love for me.

Some of my favorite things to do include blogging (actually it’s more like learning about blogging right now), reading, making my baby boy giggle until he snorts, scrapbooking and other forms of creative expression, playing board games (Settlers of Catan is the bane of my existence though), yummy food (which includes, but is not limited to: sushi, Mexican anything, turkey dinners, chili, anything with cheese, vegetables, carbs in any form, and creme brulee… mmm), cleaning, cookingorganizing, and (almost) all things house-wifey.

We are working towards a future as missonaries in Africa, and are bravely (if I do say so myself) taking the plunge to go full-steam ahead… doing what it takes… following God’s calling wherever He leads.

Join me as I chronicle our thoughts and adventures along the way!