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Since having a baby 6 and a half months ago, there seems to be conspicuously less time available for Red and Honey to go on romantic and adventurous dates.

Clearly, this is a tragedy.

Though not so much as one might think. Despite the ridiculously crazy foray into parenthood that has become our lives… we’ve more or less not minded that we’ve stayed home more.

Less spending money we don’t have on dates that are forgettable anyway, more sitting on the couch sipping tea and talking with one another or watching a favorite show together… has been quite nice, really.

Nonetheless, it is still nice to get away every once in a while. To dress up pretty, and eat fancy food. To have him open my car door for me. To eat filet mignon that’s perfectly tasty and completely free

Tonight we’re going to a fancy dinner for Honey’s work. Because my Honey does the audio and technical directing of the evening, I always get to tag along, and we have a free date.

This year, though, with the noticeable decline of fancy dinners and dates as of late, I am especially grateful that we get to go again this year. So today’s Gratituesday is this: I am grateful for (free!) dates with my amazing hubby!

I’ll hopefully show you a picture of us all spit-shined and fancied up on our big date. Stay tuned!

What are you grateful for? Write about it, or leave a comment below. Don’t forget to link up to Heavenly Homemakers too!

This blog has been a bit of a conglomeration since its inception. I’m not quite satisfied with it, and thus am trying to figure out exactly what I want it to be. I think I want it to be a mixture of different kinds of posts. I am not an easily stereotyped person (I don’t believe so anyway). What I mean by this is that there are many different sides of me.

I have a strong passion for deep intellectual thought and academic achievement and learning. I heartily enjoy a good stimulating discussion on a number of controversial subjects or even simply the ones I find fascinating, such as the church, missons, culture, bioethics, Christianity, Christian living, the depravity of Western culture, the roles of women and men, and of course, war and pacifism. I desire to learn more about these things so that I can speak more intelligently about them.

On the other hand… I also have a more “simple” side (I’m not sure that “simple” is the right term – it’s certainly not an insult to those who would not call themselves “intellectually minded”). Unlike my Dad, I don’t spend my days reading and writing and thinking about “smart people stuff”. I enjoy it, but there’s another side to me. I love to be a housewife, and I think that’s my “first love”, or my “calling” in life. I take pride in it, and am seriously anticipating (with trepidation and undeniable excitement both) September – when I am a stay-at-home mother. I’ve been looking forward to that since I was a child, and I feel like I am finally going to have the opportunity to do what I am meant to do. (With D-day being only 17 weeks [give or take a few weeks] away, I am starting to freak out and wonder if I’m going to even be a good mom, etc. A normal part of pregnancy and preparing for your first child, I’m sure, nonetheless it’s quite the intense experience).

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. What do I want this blog to be? Well, I admit I would like it to be something people enjoy reading, but most importantly I want it to be a reflection of me. What I care about, think about, and find interesting – whether it’s the mundane, the intellectual, or the nonsensical. If I achieve that, then I think I will be satisfied.

So… some topics I am chewing on for future posts:

  • Our consumer culture
  • How the church has been commodifed
  • Ways to save money at home (frugal living)
  • Baking & cooking adventures
  • How I envision being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom)
  • My reading goals – book list

And more to come… because if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that my brain pretty much never turns off. Except for between the hours of 10pm and 9am. At that time I’m a zombie.

We shall see how this plays out. More to come, hopefully soon!

I’m sitting here in my living room listening to a really good singer on American Idol. It’s embarassing, but I kind of like that show. It’s entertaining. And my Nana and Grampa love it, they enjoy “seeing the kids’ personalities”.  I don’t mention that as if it’s supposed to prove I’m not as big a dork as you might think, rather I just post it because I think it’s funny.  I might well be the only one, but I guess you’d have to know my family.

I just finished doing the dishes, am about to fold the laundry, and I’m not falling asleep as I type. Oh, and I already made my lunch for tomorrow. Hurray for me.

No stretch marks (yet), no morning sickness, just a few other minor complaints that no one really wants to read about… I can hardly believe how uneventful my pregnancy has been thus far. Let’s pray it stays that way until birth day. The latest amazing thing is feeling the baby’s movements (as of yesterday). It’s incredible, really.

As I sit here, with the TV on for background noise (as I always do when Chris is out), twilight rapidly seeping into my house, and just enjoying a quiet night to myself, I realize that I’m content. And it’s a nice place to be. I’m thanking Jesus for the life he’s given me, and pray that I can be content even in the hard times too.

Yeah, so I like alot of things. I am a strange yet lovable person, and I just want to be the best version of me that God created me to be.

I like artistic things and music and colors and sunshine.  The rain is also pretty amazing, but I like more sun than rain.  A good summer thunderstorm with lightning and thunder when I’m snuggled on the couch with Chris is just amazing.  But a sunny day in March after a long winter is equally delicious.

I love food alot.  I love sushi, and dill pickles, and nachos and salsa.  Actually pretty much all Mexican food.  And turkey dinners.  I look forward to those all year long.

I have an unexplained fear of revolving doors and avoid them at all costs. I think that’s weird.  I also really love my friends and family. They are awesome.  I haven’t always had close friends in my life, let alone a group of 6 of us that I call best friends.  So blessed. And my family isn’t too bad either. haha.

Oh yeah, I love cleaning too, but yet my house isn’t spotless. Explain that one!

Scrapbooking is a favorite hobby, but I wish I were better/more dedicated at it.  Same goes for photography.  And painting.  And drawing.  And writing… and.. and…

I want to go back to school and get my masters someday.  In between kids, after kids, ever… ? I don’t know. God knows.

Anyway, that’s enough of my talking about nothing.  I guess I was bored or something. Good night!

Oh one more thing… ok like 3… I love babies and am having one of my own!!!!!!!! I love Jesus & seek Him daily, and I just love LOVE.  Jesus’ love of his bride is the ultimate example for how I am supposed to love.

I am amazed.  I just called Westjet to inquire about a booking for Sam and Bonnie (my bosses).  I dialed the 1-800 #, and a REAL live human being picked up right away, asking how she could help me.  It was so bizarre… no answering machine, no voice-recognition technology, no annoying options that never get you anywhere… just a real person.

I asked why that was, and said they weren’t having a very high volume of calls, so they were all just working away very efficiently today.

Amazing, just amazing.  My faith in the possibility of good customer service has been restored!  It is possible!  Take heed ye Rogers, ye Bell, ye, CIBC… take heed!

Well, I think I have a case of “greener-grass-itis”.  It’s inevitable, isn’t it?  I just got back from a 2 week business trip to Kenya for meetings, and I actually had the nerve to think my life is uncool?  Geez, what is wrong with me??

My life rocks.  I love my husband more than I ever thought it was possible to love another human being (Jesus excluded, of course).  I love my job, and consider myself to be the luckiest (or “most blessed” for those of you who only speak christianese) person for this time in my life.  I have an amazing and cozy townhouse to live in, enough food to eat and then some, and hopes and dreams to keep me motivated.

Sure, the weather may be freezing (especially compared to Kenya), and life has a way of throwing curve balls at you sometimes (my sister), and there is so much garbage that goes on in the world.  Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure everyone else’s grass is no greener than mine.  I deliberately choose to be JOYFUL in ALL circumstances, placing my trust in God ALONE, and building PERSEVERANCE!

Merry Christmas everyone.  Yeah, that’s right, I said it… MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Not “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings”.  Summer and spring and fall are seasons too, and Victoria day is also a holiday.  IT’S NOT LOGICAL to celebrate the CHRISTMAS season without calling it CHRISTMAS.  If you’re Jewish and celebrate Hannukah, then fine.  Say “Happy Hannukah”.  But don’t deny me the right to say “Merry Christmas” if you’re just some burnt-out, cynical, secular atheist who can’t face the facts and admit that there’s a God, and it’s HIS son’s birthday!

And that’s what’s in my head right now.  Got more than you paid for, didn’t ya?

I love this song. It really captures how I’ve often felt lately.  There’s alot of negative stuff in the world, and the media doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture of life.  This song helps me to remember why I have that contented feeling in the pit of my stomach… because God is in control.  To quote a great VeggieTales movie… “God is bigger than the bogeyman, he’s bigger than Godzilla, and the monsters on TV…”

“One Of Those Days” (Song Lyrics by Shaun Groves)

At the risk of sounding shallow
Maybe trivial or trite
Emotional or mellowed
Well, how can I say this right?
Guess, I’m not the kind that figures
Life’s all rainbows and blues skies
Still I just can’t help but notice
I’ve got no good cause to cry

It’s just been one of those days, one of those days
Every glass half full, every drop lemonade
Just one of those days, one of those days
All my worries to bed
And my faith wide awake
Hey, hey, hey
Just one of those days
Just one of those days

There’s a smile I can’t turn down
For a dance across my face
And the way I see things now
A frown would just be out of place
Cause I know you’re in your heaven
Yeah, with both hands on the wheel
And somehow this simple knowing
Has infected how I feel

I’m not blind to imperfections
Still a realist by trade
A pragmatic, pessimistic, over-thinker
On a break

Despite having so many amazing people in my life who love me, sometimes I just feel so lonely. It’s like a deep heaviness in my heart- like I am missing something. I don’t really know how to explain it.

On the other hand, and somehow at the same time, I feel so light and free. I am strangely content with life. I wouldn’t change anything. I have a peace that God is holding me and guiding me in His plan, which is perfect and good.

I feel both ways at the same time. Is this normal?

I'm Red, he's Honey. I'm the writer of this blog and the source of your entertainment and/or boredom. We're parents of an exceptionally adorable child, and we have no idea what we're doing! This blog is the outlet for my thoughts along the way - welcome! Pull up a couch, grab a cup of tea, and stay a while! Or back away slowly. Whatever works.

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