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Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Oh my. I am SO excited. I’m nervous, and my heart’s all a-flutter.

(It feels like the first day of school – anxiously awaiting meeting new people. Will they like me? Am I cool enough? Am I going to have any friends? Yeah, I seriously am a dork. A likable dork, though, right?)

It’s not the first day of school, but I am still full of nervous energy. It’s the Ultimate Blog Party, and it’s happening at a hip little site called 5 Minutes For Mom. It’s basically a virtual party – a way to meet other bloggers.

So, I have these teeny tiny little plans for one day having a great blog that people I don’t even know want to read. I know, I know… what aspiring blogger doesn’t want that? But still, there it is. And here’s my chance to actually meet some cool people around the blogosphere in addition to few faithful friends that actually read and comment here already (hi few and faithful friends! i love you guys!).

Well, I guess I should introduce myself, rather than blathering on like a total dork.

I’m Beth, aka Red. Here’s a photo of me to explain the name:


Get it? Good. I knew you were smart. And on the right is my honey. He’s so sweet. Those big brown eyes get me every time… *sigh*.

Here’s the lowdown on us. I guess you could read the ‘about’ page (which I want to re-write soon anyway), but here’s the quick and dirty version (Is that a bad saying? I tend to sometimes use bad sayings without actually knowing what they mean. I’m innocent, what can I say?!):

We met and fell in love in high school. I was 17, he was 18. We got married at 19 & 20. It was love, true love. We’re coming up on our 6th anniversary now, and have the world’s cutest baby. His name is Isaac.

Hubby is partway through his training to become a missionary pilot. I’m a SAHM. We are working towards a future as missionaries in Africa. We’ve already been short-term, and got the itch.

Or, more accurately, God called us.

And like Abraham in Genesis 12, we don’t want to settle where we are (ie. we don’t want to become complacent and say no when God is calling us to something kinda scary). We want to pack up and go wherever God is calling us, even if it sometimes sucks.

And that’s the truth.

Regarding this blog… to be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to discover my niche. Until I figure that out, you get to read my jumbled mess of thoughts in this whacked out thing they call motherhood.

I’d love to make some new blogging friends who are super-cool like me, so leave a comment and introduce yourself, whether you are participating in the Ultimate Blog Party or not. I can’t wait to meet you!

Yay for parties!


P.S.  Here are my top choices for UBP09 prizes:

USC 57 – Personalized Graphic Button Design

USC 47 – $25 Amazon gift certificate

USC 6 – $50 gift certificate to

Or any of these would be great too: USC 61, 67, 73, 58, 49, 44, 23, 36, 30, 21, 20, 17, 16, 15, 3


If you’ve been reading my blog at all over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis. I’ve been changing the name of the blog oh, about a zillion times.

I just can’t settle on a name that I *LOVE*. You know, the Perfect Blog Title.

Even the current one is just mediocre. And mediocrity, my friends, is NOT ok with me. I’m an all or nothing type of person. (Actually, I think it sometimes prevents me from doing things, because I’m afraid I won’t measure up to my own high standards, so I just don’t bother trying). But that’s enough about my weird psychological quirks. The point is…

I can’t think of a blog title!

Arghhh! OK, that’s it… the next time I change it, it will be permanent. Forever and ever until I say otherwise. I have hope – inspiration will strike, I just need to have patience.

Stay tuned for greatness…

How do you like my title for this post? Oh, I guess you’re not really supposed to ask things like that out loud (or actually type them and hit “publish”). But that’s ok, it only serves to demonstrate my point. I am so awkwardly weirdly nice and reclusive.

OK, so I can’t remember how it happened, but a few months ago, I somehow stumbled into the world of blogging. There are a whole gaggle of bloggers out there in the bloggish world, with blogger ways and insider bloggish code words and bloggish jokes. Many of them are moms, and many of them are Christians. Many of them are good, no, excellent writers, and I find myself giggling out loud or getting a little teary as the post may demand (hey leave me alone, I’m 41 weeks preggo and entitled to be an emotional basket-case). I’m still discovering which ones are my favorites, and which ones I want to read regularly, and whether it’s even cool to read mom blogs regularly, and whether I really care if it’s cool or not.

Many of them (the bloggers) are also… um… “cool”. You know what I mean – picture grade school, and the “cool group”… and how you always knew you were so not one of them, but at times felt sorta close, but never really totally in… and at other times you felt like you were living on a different planet from the cool group, and they either barely knew you existed or else they watched you through their super-high-powered telescopes and just laughed at you whispering about you because of your way obvious uncoolness.

Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about because you were always in the cool group, but never even realized it, because you were so cool.

Umm.. anyway.

So I like writing too, and I think I’m good at it (although I think entertaining and edifying people through blog writing is probably a whole lot harder than getting A’s on my university papers on the metaphysics of theism, or the basis of social political philosophy). In fact, I’m pretty much terrified at the thought of putting my best writing duds on and laying it all out for my peers to read. (Peers is a really funny word to me. It consists of “pee” and the letters “r” and “s”. Sorry, I blame baby brain).

But I wanna do it anyway. I’m not promising to be good at it, in fact I’m not even promising to post consistently. But hey, I’m gonna try. As the sexy hubby says, “hon, who’s gonna argue with a 41 week pregnant woman?”.

Yay for blogging. I hope I can do it without worrying too much about what ya’ll are thinking. Seriously, it’s a human flaw of mine. I can’t think of a cleverly funny or wise ending to this post, so I’m just gonna go with “catch ya later”.

Yeah that works.

OK, bye.

I'm Red, he's Honey. I'm the writer of this blog and the source of your entertainment and/or boredom. We're parents of an exceptionally adorable child, and we have no idea what we're doing! This blog is the outlet for my thoughts along the way - welcome! Pull up a couch, grab a cup of tea, and stay a while! Or back away slowly. Whatever works.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

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