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I love this song. It really captures how I’ve often felt lately.  There’s alot of negative stuff in the world, and the media doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture of life.  This song helps me to remember why I have that contented feeling in the pit of my stomach… because God is in control.  To quote a great VeggieTales movie… “God is bigger than the bogeyman, he’s bigger than Godzilla, and the monsters on TV…”

“One Of Those Days” (Song Lyrics by Shaun Groves)

At the risk of sounding shallow
Maybe trivial or trite
Emotional or mellowed
Well, how can I say this right?
Guess, I’m not the kind that figures
Life’s all rainbows and blues skies
Still I just can’t help but notice
I’ve got no good cause to cry

It’s just been one of those days, one of those days
Every glass half full, every drop lemonade
Just one of those days, one of those days
All my worries to bed
And my faith wide awake
Hey, hey, hey
Just one of those days
Just one of those days

There’s a smile I can’t turn down
For a dance across my face
And the way I see things now
A frown would just be out of place
Cause I know you’re in your heaven
Yeah, with both hands on the wheel
And somehow this simple knowing
Has infected how I feel

I’m not blind to imperfections
Still a realist by trade
A pragmatic, pessimistic, over-thinker
On a break

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