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I’m apparently supposed to be finding mine.

All the blog advice floating around the world wide web says that all good blogs have a niche. Something you write about… something you know well and can write with some modicum of authority.

Um, excuse me, but if all good blogs have a niche, then what does that make me? Chopped liver? (P.S. I don’t even want to know where that saying came from!) Seriously, what am I supposed to write? I don’t really want to write about only one thing. I want to write about random stuff that tumbles around in my head. Does that mean my blog’s going to be unappealing?

It’s true, most of the blogs I subscribe to seem to have their own little “thang” going. Like Simple Mom, for example (my ultimate favorite blog). She writes about “life hacks for home managers”, and dang is she good at it! Or Keeper of the Home, who writes about “Naturally Inspired Living for Christian Homemakers”.

But I don’t really have a niche to blog about. Nope, I can’t even decide on a style of writing. Sometimes I think I’m funny (Yep, I laugh at my own jokes, cuz I’m hilarious like that), sometimes serious (um, really?), and sometimes I even feel reflective (as in all that mushy emotional stuff. Not as in the shiny tape that crossing guards wear).

But you know what?

I think I’m going to give myself permission to just be without a niche for awhile.


I like it.

Do you have a niche? Do you consider a niche a vital part of a successful blog (ie. blog you wanna read)? Do you agree with me that niche is really quite a strange word? How do you even pronounce it??

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